Save The Rainforest

A Call For Love

Bumiku means “My Earth” in Bahasa Indonesia. Our earth is in crisis and it’s time to take thoughtful and strategic action toward establishing a proactive solution to the massive destruction of our unique rainforests. The rich rainforest life in Borneo is estimated to be around 140 million years old, making it one of the oldest rainforests in the world but this natural treasure is being destroyed at an alarming rate. The question remains how do you put a stop to it when so many remote local communities rely on its destruction to support their families?

It’s time to take action with a new approach
The primary objective of the Bumiku Untukmu Conservation Project is to provide an opportunity to economically support local communities while protecting our precious rainforest at the same time. Making a real difference is within all of our reach.

We realized that the only way to create a guaranteed safeguard of Borneo’s unique tropical forest was to take ownership of it privately. So, the Bumiku Conservation Project purchased 2500 Hectares of secondary rainforest in Kalimantan with meticulous government licenses to ensure the project continues unhindered, no matter which government is in power.

Instead of well-meaning petitions, donations and sponsorship with unclear effects or results, the Bumiku Prokect is offering the opportunity to guarantee the preservation of 10 square meter parcels of the Borneo rainforest to which you will have the coordinates, each with a 1 year extendable rights agreement.

The Project will employ around 4,000 local community members, each of whom will be responsible to care, maintain and protect 2.5 Hectares of forest. In this way you will be personally supporting a legacy of natural forestry life, regeneration, and also provide an alternative income for local communities for generations to come. Replacing the destruction of the rainforest as a means of an income for local families is a vital component of the program’s success.

The government will also benefit as these workers will contribute through taxable income and help foster a lively economic ecosystem, where previously none existed outside of the few jobs in mining, forestry and plantation sector.

The Bumiku Conservation Project strives to deliver balance to the developing world, while preserving our precious resources before they disappear.

“Let this be a reminder to us all that having a heart to be proud of is within all our reach.

Our journey to extend and share our love by caring for this beautiful planet we live on can be realised, even though it sometimes seems insurmountable.
Life works in magical ways but love sparks love. We all have the opportunity to decide the legacy of our individual lives and how we are remembered from our time in this world.

It’s never too late to make a change, and in the end, nothing matters more than what we leave behind for our families, and fellow human beings.

My wish for all is that the love you give comes back and embraces your heart with warmth and passion always."

-- Delia von Rueti --

Thank you for your generous and kind support. Let us march on with pride, knowing that with every breath we take our heart is singing the same song of love for mother earth:

“My life story grows on trees, Where will your story be?”.

Love love love

USD 100 goes a long way.
Your support helps to

  Conserve Nature

  Provide Work Opportunities

  Empower The Local Community

Conserve Nature

Provide Work

Empower The Local Community

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The Foresty Park

The Bumiku Conservation Park is located within central Kalimantan in Borneo.

Borneo is home to an incredible ecosystem, with 222 mammals, 44 of which are native to this area. With 420 majestic species of birds (37 native), a wide variety of around 100 types of amphibians, and 394 fish (19 native), the forest is a unique natural treasure.